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About ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services

Is  ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services only for women who want to leave their husband/partner?

No. We work with many women who want to stay in their relationship as well as those who want to leave. All women are welcome to use our service, including women who stay in the relationship. Our main concern is for your safety and we respect your experiences and the choices you make about how to stay safe.


I can’t get to your service or an outreach appointment because of lack of transport, what can I do?

We can arrange to meet with you at a place of your choice, where you will be safe and comfortable.


Will anyone know I have contacted you?

Our service is completely confidential. We will not contact anyone about you, or on your behalf, without your permission.

I’ve already left my husband/partner; can I still get support from ADAPT?

Yes. Our focus is on supporting women on their journey of recovery from domestic abuse.  Women who have left a relationship may continue to feel vulnerable and be concerned about their safety. They may also want support with the practicalities of life after domestic abuse. We can support you to keep safe and to rebuild your life.


Do I have to give my name if I ring the helpline?

Sometimes women find it easier to ring the helpline and not give their name, especially if they have not talked to someone about their situation before. This is not a problem. You are in charge of how much information you choose to give. Our service is confidential and you can talk to us in confidence.