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ADAPT Publications and Resources


An Garda Siochana Victims Charter

Description: This document describes the role of the Gardai, what victims of crime can expect from the Gardai, and what victims can do if their expectations are not met.  


They Should Not Be Allowed To Get Away With It

Description: Documents the views of women who have experienced violence in the home, focusing on the women's views of specialist support and outreach services, and on public sector services. Published by: Kelleher, 2010


Listening to Children: Children's Stories of Domestic Violence

Description: An in depth exploration of children's experiences of domestic violence and domestic violence services in Ireland. Published by: Fergas Hogan and Marie O'Reilly, 2007


Enabling Violence Against Women: A Critique of Irish Immigration Residency Stamps

Description: A critique of how government policy puts restrictions on some migrant women that either enables their victimisation or prevents them from escaping from it. Published by: Doras Luimní, February 2010.


Turn Off The Red Light Campaign

Description: Campaign information flyer to end prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland. Published by: Doras Luimní, 2011.


Migrant Women and Domestic Violence in Ireland: The Experience of Domestic Violence Service Providers  

Description: Documents the extent to which migrant women are accessing domestic violence services, specific issues that affect migrant women experiencing domestic violence, and barriers for migrant women seeking support and protection. Published by: Fagan, 2008


Digital stalking: A guide to technology risks for victims

Description: Discusses the many ways in which technology can be used to stalk and the impacts that this has on those experiencing domestic abuse or those who have left an abusive relationship. Also provides guidlelines on how to minimise the risks of digital stalking. Published by: The Network for Surviving Stalking & Women's Aid Federation of England, 2012


Domestic Violence FLAC

Description: Introduces the laws relating to domestic abuse, barring orders, safety orders, protection orders, and legal aid.