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Corporate Giving

The support ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services receives from the corporate community is essential to the ongoing provision of services to women and children experiencing domestic abuse. Research has shown that consumers give preference to companies that adopt corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices so make ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services part of your company’s CSR commitment.

There are many ways for companies to get involved and support our vital work. Whether you own the company or are a staff member you can help us to provide invaluable support to women and children who are or have experienced domestic abuse.



Gifts in Kind


Gifts in kind are very welcome. Whether you want to donate some IT equipment, sponsor pens or t-shirts, or donate your services we would be delighted to discuss all options with you. Please phone Lorraine Gallagher on 061-412354.




ADAPT will gladly accept donations of good quality saleable items to our shop.  This is another way of supporting our work. If you would like to donate any items, please telephone the main office at 061-412354 beforehand.



Charity Boxes


Why not display one of our charity boxes in your business. If you’re working in the retail industry our charity boxes can be displayed in a strategic location visible to the general public or alternatively you could display our charity box in the staff canteen or coffee room at work. It’s amazing how peoples' ‘spare change’ can build up and we are extremely grateful for all donations. If you would like to display a charity box in your work place please email us at with your name, address, phone number and number of boxes requested.



Charity of Choice

By adopting ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services as your company's charity of choice, you can build a strong personal relationship with one of Limericks best-known charities. Adopting us as your preferred charity over a period of time will help to forge a more personal relationship with us, as well as a greater understanding of the work we do. It will facilitate the time it takes for your company to get the full benefit from a sustained relationship. ADAPT will work to develop a programme of activities that match your company's Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.



Corporate Giving

Corporate giving is a vital source of support to ADAPT. All corporate donations to ADAPT are eligible for tax relief at the corporate rate, reducing the actual cost of the donation. Corporate donations can be made to support a specific aspect of our range of services or you can sponsor one of our many fundraising events.


How We Can Work Together

We would be delighted to develop a relationship with your company and to tailor a fundraising programme which will effectively benefit both ADAPT and your company. We will ensure that our programme meets your objectives and can be integrated into your plans.

If you think your company would like to be involved with ADAPT please contact Lorraine on 061-412354 or email