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Healthy Relationships Programme

The Healthy Relationships Programme is for young people between the ages of 12-18. It raises young people’s awareness and understanding about what makes a healthy, non-abusive relationship.


The Healthy Relationships Programme covers:

  • Safe /unsafe relationships
  • Impact/effects of abuse
  • Teen relationships 
  • Local service
  • What young people can do
  • What schools can do 

The Healthy Rleathionships Programme uses:

  • Individual, small group and large group work
  • Discussion in small groups and large groups
  • Work sheets, handouts, posters, flipcharts
  • Ice breakers, relaxation music and art work


The programme is delivered in 80 minute sessions. It can be delivered in schools or outside the school setting in youth clubs, groups, training centres, or other youth organisations. It can be delivered to groups of various sizes


For more information on the Healthy Relationships Programme, please contact Jess on 061 412354 or

If you would like us to deliver this training to an organisation that you are involved with please email 

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