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Future Plans

ADAPT is currently in the process of compiling a new strategic plan up to 2021


ADAPT completed a strategic review in 2009 and identified the following key areas to be developed:

Frontline Services

ADAPT is working to consolidate existing services and supports and make both refuge and outreach services accessible to women survivors and their children regardless of where in County Limerick they are living. Particular attention is being  given to making services accessible to women survivors from ethnic minority communities, developing outreach clinics across the city and county and the provision of more support groups for women. Attention is also being given to providing a wider range of supports to young people who have witnessed domestic abuse.


Awareness Raising

ADAPT gives high priority to promoting public awareness of domestic abuse and working with communities and organisations to build their capacity to support women survivors and their children. It hopes to get men more involved in the coming years. It is also hoped to focus on promoting awareness among family and friends of women survivors and providing information and support to individuals who are concerned about a friend or relative.



Domestic abuse can only be eliminated if young people are educated to value gender equality and to respect all individuals. A priority for ADAPT is to work closely with schools and youth organisations to implement appropriate educational programmes that promote healthy relationships based on dignity and respect.


Influence Policy

An ongoing priority for ADAPT is to work with other agencies to maximize the supports available to women survivors and their children and, to address issues of policy and practice that may undermine their safety. We work to ensure that all relevant statutory and non-statutory bodies have good practice guidelines in place to support staff when dealing with domestic abuse situations and that screening for domestic abuse becomes a part of normal practice. Frontline staff are often the first to meet women who are in domestic abuse situations and need to be supported through training to recognise, respond sensitively, and refer to domestic abuse services.


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