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Partner Contact

MOVE Ireland is a national organisation that works with men who are or who have been abusive in their intimate relationships. They run a 30 week group work programme that challenges the men involved to both acknowledge that their behaviour is abusive and to take responsibility for changing their behaviour. MOVE also offers support to women who have been abused by the men on the programme. This support is called partner contact.


MOVE runs a programme in the Mid-West region (Limerick/Clare). ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services is contracted by MOVE to offer the partner contact support to the partners and/or ex-partners of men on this programme. The partner contact service is provided by our support workers who are professionally trained and experienced in supporting women who are or who have been in an abusive relationship.


If your partner or ex-partner is accepted on to the MOVE programme, a support worker from ADAPT will contact you and offer you one to one support while he is on the programme. She will explain the 30 week programme to you and tell you what the partner contact service offers. She will also tell you about the range of other services provided by ADAPT. 


The support worker will listen to your experience of domestic abuse and will help you to:


  • Explore the impact domestic abuse has had on your life
  • Identify any risks to yourself and to your children and look at how to address these risks
  • Talk through any expectations you may have that his behaviour may change as a result of his participation in the MOVE programme
  • Identify your needs and the needs of your children and what you want for the future



You can avail of these services whether or not your partner or ex-partner stays on the MOVE programme.

If you would like more information about MOVE Ireland and the visit the MOVE website or call us on our free helpline:1800 200 504.